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Hello home workstation

Beautiful tatts… Wish I had the right skin for it!

It’s been an inspiring 3 days at #agideas #agideas2013 Listening to some truly amazing people making a difference in the world with design #designmatters (at melbourne)
Ahh my favourite… David Attenborough. 60 Years In The Wild.
Seeing Chris on my bike from the balcony… Priceless.

Ooooh so lovely and refreshing especially from an airline!

Yum yum YUM!! Fenton & Fenton rugs from Melbourne are just beautiful. It’s not only the rugs that make me giddy but the whole styling. The colours and fabrics are divine. Makes me want to get stuck into making some of my own wall art (and pillows!)

More lovely lego ads. They’re so simple yet totally captures the imagination you had as a child (and still now) when you were the master of your creation! Me personally, was into designing houses! From drawing the plans on paper to construction. Odd for a 7 year old even then. Did I miss my calling in architecture?

Tee hehe. God I love lego! Great ad :D
Cleaning out and came across an old photo. I bumped into Chopper at a house party in Melbourne years ago. Is that a nervous smile I have on my face or what?
Terrarium finished! Complete with giraffes, lion, emu, elephant, panda and even Daisy Dog makes an appearance! 🐼🐘🌡
Thank you for my surprise when I woke up this morning mister! Stunning! 😊
Lovely little project by Jay Fletcher. Part­nered with agency Obviouslee Marketing and writer Jenny Badman to cre­ate this series of pro­mo­tional images for the Family Circle Cup, the largest women’s ten­nis event in the world.
Haha brilliant. Authentic Weather app by Tobias van Schneider